Gelu Sherpa - President

Gelu set out to start 'The Best Trekking Company in Nepal' with fellow Sherpa guides in 1995. He has had a Canadian business sponsor to assist with online marketing since 2001.

We hope you like what you see on our website and are excited to go on a trip with the Sherpas of Peak Paldor. You will experience not only the amazingly huge Himalaya mountains but also the traditional Nepalese mountain cultures. Our guides will show you what they love most about Nepal and provide you with a unique experience of a lifetime. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, we look forward to hearing from you.

Gelu Sherpa is from the small village of Gonbo, near Ringmo on the 'Jiri to Everest Trek'. He led trekking and peak expeditions for many years and, since 1995, has organized trips for groups from around the world. In Gelu's own words: "I have always dreamed of becoming a good business man and therefore I always strive to do my best to make our clients visits most enjoyable." 

The story of how he came to be in the trekking business is interesting and serves as an example of life in Nepal:

When Gelu was a youth his family had several yaks from which they received milk to make cheese and wool for clothing. As oldest of six, Gelu's task was to tend the yaks in the mountain pastures. He says that of all the "cowboys" in the area, he could climb the highest trees to cut down fodder for the animals and "everyone was very surprised" when they watched him. One day a wolf pack killed one of the yaks as Young Gelu watched. They killed another yak one week later. His Mother, a widow, then made the brave decision to sell her remaining yaks and used the money to send young Gelu off to school. 

Gelu Sherpa went to a Hillary school in Junbesi for ten years where he learned the English that enabled him to begin working as a trekking guide. For a number of years his trekking work supported his family; it enabled his brothers and youngest sister to attend school and college and become successful adults. His mother's fateful decision long ago to sell the family's yaks proved wise!